My Journey

Having run a profitable fashion manufacturing business for over 25 years, I can certainly vouch for how fabulous it is to work in the fashion industry. It’s exciting, creative…and never dull.

As a business owner, it has enable me to work around family. I’ve cranked the business up and worked like a drovers dog!…and pulled right back when life needs it to…..dare I say it…..a great career for a woman!

About 10 years ago I was asked to write and deliver fashion courses at two of Melbourne’s leading fashion colleges……3 of those years I worked as student coordinator. This provided me with a unique insight into the ups and downs of education in the fashion sector.

Identifying student genius zones, helping them carve out the right pathway, and avoiding some of the pitfalls has led me to create a new experience in this space…..a hybrid of online and contact education which provides quality, job ready skills.

I used to have a saying when hiring staff…”I don’t care if you learned your skills from your granny…..just show me what you can do”

“Aspiring fashion designers need to know where their strengths are and have a laser focussed plan to get to the career which uses their strengths”